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I Envied My Sister

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I Envied My Sister

Post by Ithar Ghada Faied on Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:43 am

The following is a summary translation taken from Sahab

I envied my sister - Repentance from envy

Q: I want to repent to Allah from the trait of envy and I am trying to free myself from it as much as I am able, but satan beautifies it for me in many instances by way of jealousy. If I become jealous of some of my female friends or other women, then I will start to envy them. And I heard from one of my friends, she said ‘suppress your jealousy and your envy in your heart and do not utter any of it on your tongue so that Allah will not hold you accountable for it’.

Sheik bin Baz: Yes, if you feel anything (of envy) then struggle with yourself and suppress what is with you (of envy), and do not do anything that opposes the legislation of Allah. And do not harm the female or male that you envy, not by statement nor by action and ask Allah to remove it from your heart and then it will not harm you.

Because if the person envies but they do not actualized it then that will not harm them, if they do not do anything; there is no harming the envied person, no removing of the blessings, and no speaking against the honor of the person, but rather it is only something suppressed inside then it will not harm them.

But let them be cautious; so that they don’t say anything that will harm the person they envy, or they don’t do anything that will harm them. Because it has been narrated in a hadith of the Prophet peace and blessings are upon him, that he said, ‘Beware of envy, because verily envy eats away the good deeds like fire eats away firewood.’

Therefore envy is evil, but it begins with the one who envies. It harms the one who envies before it harms anyone else. So it is upon the believing man and woman to ask Allah for relief and safety (العافية).

The believing man supplicates to Allah, and likewise the believing woman supplicates to Allah to remove that from her heart until no trace of that remains in her heart; and whenever you feel some envy then struggle with yourself to suppress it and to keep it just in the heart without harming the envied person, without harming them by action or statement. And with Allah help is sought.

Taken from the series Light upon the path with Sheik bin Baz may Allah have mercy upon him.

Translated by Rasheed Barbee


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