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Basic of Islam

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Basic of Islam

Post by Ithar Ghada Faied on Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:50 pm

There is only One God. One God means that:

  • He has no children.
  • No parents.
  • He is not human. Rather the Creator of human and everything else.
  • Nobody is like Him.
  • He is not 3 in 1 or 1 in 3.
  • Nobody shares powers with Him.
  • He is the One Who has made everything and Who controls everything
  • His name is Allah.
  • Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the Last Prophet (meaning Messenger) of God.
  • Muhammad (peace be upon him) was a human.
  • He was only a Messenger of God.
  • We DO NOT pray to Muhammad (peace be upon him). We only pray to Allah.
  • We believe in all prophets of God.
  • We believe in Jesus (peace be upon him).
  • We believe in Moses (peace be upon him).
  • We believe in Abraham (peace be upon him)
  • We believe in Noah (peace be upon him).
  • We believe in Adam (peace be upon him). Etc.
  • We believe in all Books of God (both small and big):
  • We believe that no other Holy Book is available today in original form except Qur'an.
  • We believe in Torah given to Moses (peace be upon him).
  • We believe in Zaboor given to David (peace be upon him).
  • We believe in Injeel given to Jesus (peace be upon him) etc.
  • Qur'an is the Holy Book given to Muslims by God.
  • Qur'an was revealed 1400 years ago by God.
  • We believe that every word in Quran is the Word of God.
  • Qur'an was preserved 1400 years ago and original copy is still available today.
  • Qur'an was revealed in Arabic & every Quran in the world today has same Arabic text.
  • There are NO different copies.
  • We believe in the Day of Judgement:
  • We believe that there is a life after death
  • We believe that every dead person will be given life again and that day is called The Day Of Judgement.
  • We believe that every person will be held accountable for his/her deeds and actions.
  • And that mean that Muslims as well as non-Muslims, both will be held accountable.
  • We believe that those who believe in God and who also do righteous deeds, they will be rewarded and they will be sent to Heaven.
  • We believe that those who reject God or do evil deeds, will be punished

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