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Hijab causes seven Americans in one University to embrace Islam

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Hijab causes seven Americans in one University to embrace Islam

Post by Ithar Ghada Faied on Fri Apr 02, 2010 7:53 pm

The primary cause of his embracing Islam was the Hijab of an American Muslim student, who was proud of her religion and her Hijab. Two more university professors as well as four students then embraced Islam. The Hijab was the direct reason behind the Islam of those eight people, who later became callers to this religion.

I will not make a long introduction or keep you in suspense. The following is quoted from an American professor who named himself after the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. He is called Muhammad.

Narrating his story, Muhammad says: Four years ago, there was tumult at our university; an American Muslim female student joined the university, and she was wearing Hijab. One of her teachers was a fanatic who hated Islam and stood up against anyone who refused to attack it. How was the case then when he found a Muslim who practiced the rituals of Islam in public? He tried to provoke the girl whenever he found an opportunity to criticize Islam.

He waged a fierce war against her. Her calm reaction enraged him further, hence, he shifted to another method to fight her by manipulating her marks, burdening her with difficult researches and straining her by lowering her exam results.

When the poor girl failed to find a way out of this, she submitted a complaint to the college dean asking for an investigation into her case. The administration decision was to hold a session for the two parties: the professor and the girl, in order to hear their points of view and reach a final decision concerning the complaint.

When the session was due, most of the university staff attended and they were very enthusiastic about attending this unprecedented event in the university.

The session started, and the girl said that her teacher hated her religion and that is why he violated her educational rights. She gave many relevant examples. She asked to listen to the opinions of some of her colleagues. Some of them sympathized with her and witnessed in her favor. Differences of religion did not prevent them from giving a positive testimony.

The professor then tried to defend himself. He spoke and indulged in foul insults of her religion. She, therefore, stood up speaking in defense of Islam and giving a lot of information about it. Her address was interesting to those who were attending the session. We would even interrupt her to ask about certain things about Islam and she would answer our questions.

When the concerned professor saw us absorbed in listening and discussing, he left the room. He was vexed at our interest and interaction. He, as well as others who found the matter of no importance, left the place.

The interested attendees remained speaking and discussing things about Islam. In the end, the girl gave each of us two papers entitled, "What does Islam mean to me?" The papers discussed the motives behind her embracing Islam, this great religion. Then she explained the importance and impact of Hijab. She expressed her strong feelings about Hijab and the headscarf that she wore, which had caused such tumult.

She had a great attitude. Because the session ended with no decisions, she said that she was defending her rights and struggling to attain them. She promised to make further efforts, even to pursue the case and defer her studies, unless she obtained a result in her favor.

Her attitude was strong, and the university staff did not expect that the girl would be so steadfast and would adhere to her principles to that extent. We were fascinated by her steadfastness in front of such a number of professors and students. The issue remained the subject of discussion on campus.

For me, I started to experience an internal conflict about changing my religion. Things that I knew about Islam made me love it very much, and aroused my interest to embrace it.

Several months later, I declared my Islam. A second and a third professor embraced Islam the same year. Another four students embraced Islam. Within a short period of time, we became a group and we started to have Da‘wah (propagation) activities to introduce Islam and call people to embrace it. Now, there are some people who are in the stage of serious thinking. Soon, Allah willing, news of their embracing Islam would be announced on campus.

All praise is due to Allah The Almighty alone.
Ithar Ghada Faied

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