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No Monasticism (monkhood)

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No Monasticism (monkhood)

Post by Ithar Ghada Faied on Wed Mar 31, 2010 7:55 pm

Islam commands Muslims to obey Allah and follow his command. It specifies acts of worship which are acceptable. It encourages Muslims to work and be industrious. It forbids 'monkhood ' and excessive 'spritualization' or 'Zen' and other such practices. A Muslim is commanded not to forbid upon himself that which was made lawful by Allah, nor to introduce new and innovative acts of worship into the religion.

This means that a Muslim should not decide that even though Islam allows marriage, he will forbid it upon himself and remain celibate (he may choose not to marry, but he can not forbid it upon himself). If he wishes to perform extra worship, there are many avenues open to him, such as nightly prayer, charity, abstinence from sin....etc.

Muhammad (pbuh) once gave the example of two men. One was practicing monasticism and excessive worship, totally detaching himself from this worldly life. The other was working for a living and paying for the food and drink that the "monk" was consuming each day. Muhammad (pbuh) told his followers that the man who was making an honest living and supporting the 'monk' was greater in reward in the eyes of Allah.
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